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Stories|A Letter Home of Property Service Staff

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A Letter Home of Property Service Staff

The Spring Festival is approaching.

Busy working for a whole year,

You must be packed

And ready to go home, right?

I didn’t vie for a ticket home for the Spring Festival,

Or pack a suitcase to go home.

I watched the bustling street filled with goods for use during the Spring Festival,

And walked alone from one end of the street to the other end.

My parents called me

and asked me when I would come back home.

You respect the solders defending the country in the borderland during the Spring Festival;

You applaud for doctors standing by to rescue lives throughout the year;

You understand and sympathize with hardworking workers;

Because of them, we have a more reassuring and trusting life.


If you think of us in the property service profession,

Think of responsive customer service specialists all day long;

Think of meticulous cleaners keeping the community clean;

Think of maintenance personnel troubleshooting the problems;

Think of security officers working day/night shift on rotation;

Will you see what a happy life is?

Reception, cleaning, maintenance and patrolling,

We handle the same ordinary trivialities everyday.

Each day I handle twenty to thirty customer complaints,

Accept fifty to sixty payments

And process hundreds of data items.

Meticulosity and patience are the most shining labels of me as a customer service specialist.

This is my first job after my graduation,

And my first time missing the Spring Festival’s Eve dinner with my parents.

The 48-km boring ride back home

Seems lovely now.

Dad, mom. Don’t miss me too much!

I wish you both Happy Spring Festival!

Azheng. I am sorry to miss our Valentine’s Day.

Let’s celebrate our love on the Double Seventh Festival.

Conducting local sanitary inspection at a fixed time point day after day

Has become part of my working routine.

I clean the community of tens of thousands of households,

Yet I seldom do chores for my own home.

This is my third year participating in the Spring Festival On Duty Program.

Sweetie, you are 23 km away from mommy.

I can’t spend the Spring Festival with you this year either.

 Behave yourselves and listen to your grandma.

Sweetie, mommy miss you.

From light bulb replacement to pipeline dredging,

Every project I handle over the past seven to eight years

Is probably done.

This is my third year on the Spring Festival On Duty Program.  

Honey, I can’t visit your parental home with you and our girl this year.

Don’t be mad. I wish you youth forever.

Xuanxuan, I heard from your mother that you did all night on the final exam this semester.

Kiddo, you are about to start your middle school. Go for it!

Patrolling, on sentry duty, saluting and greeting,

Working the day and night shift on rotation is toilsome unknown by others.

As a solider, I didn’t go home during the Spring Festival for two years in a row.

Because of the On Duty Program this yer, I miss my reunion dinner with my parents again.

Dad, mom. I am not going home for the Spring Festival this year.

We will have our reunion right after the Spring Festival.

Dad, mom. Don’t worry about me. I am fine.

May you enjoy good health and all go well with you in the New Year!

The coworkers on the Program can’t go home for their family reunion.

As the head of the team,

I am concerned with the Program and accompanied by my team members.

Standing by 24 hours a day

And eliminating safety hazards every day

Are the responsibilities of property service staff during the holiday.

Shopping for food, cooking meals and decorating...

Though we can’t reunite with our family members,

We can still feel the warmth of home as we prepare the family dinner with our coworkers.

My home is 200 km away from the Program;

My home is one step away from my fellows;

Guarding 24 hours a day

is our unquestionable duty;

Thoughtful service 365 days a year

is our guilt-free commitment.

Learn a professional skill and gain health;

Work hard and return home with glory.

People on the street are on a hurry;

The neon lights shine bright.

The voices of family members become increasingly indistinct over the phone,

Yet the festive atmosphere is perceivable.

The community is beautifully decorated with lanterns;

The family dinner prepared by all is tasty.

Don’t worry about me, my dear family.

I am fine. May everything goes as you wish.

My coworkers as close as family members and I are safeguarding

The reunion of thousands of households in Nanjing.

Customer Service Specialists: Zhang Hao, Administration Dept. Of Nanjing Commercial Office Building

Cleaner: Zhu Jihua, Logistics Dept. Of Nanjing Urban Construction

Maintenance Man: Zhang Jinzhuang, Tuolejia Garden, Nanjing

Security Officer: Zhang Jingguo, Jing’aogang, Nanjing

Voiceover: Mao Huihua, Human Resources Dept., Nanjing

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