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See a Different Aspect of Vanke Service from Striving Realtors

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Xiao Xiaolin, property consultant of Team A,The Paradiso, Shenzhen Vanke Rental and Sales Center, ranked first in rental and sales performance in 2017 with RMB1,955,907.84. What’s astonishing is not her renal and sales performance close to, but her growth. She was one of the top five property consultants in 2016, and moved up to the second place in the first half of 2017 and the first place in the second half of 2017.  

Vanke Service in Shenzhen| Chen Yubing

Refreshing as a spring breeze is perhaps the best description for the impression of Sun Xiaolin to others. Without the expected charm of a strong career woman, she has an indescribable cordiality in her appearance, confidence and optimism in her wording.

Before she joined the Vanke Rental and Sales Center in March 2014, she was a major of international business, an international trade saleswoman in Foshan for one year, and a homemaker for two years after getting married. Coming to Shenzhen with her husband, she entered the real estate business because of house rental. Believing that one can only have a home after owning a house, she has been with the Vanke family for almost four years.

All truly beautiful things are plain and modest.

Putting customers first is to standing in the parking space to save it.

Good services must be provided before transactions can be made. Putting customers first is to provide the best and plainest services.

Xiaolin had a showing at night. As parking spaces in the premise were rare, Xiaolin found a spot in advance, and waited for the client in it. She dared not walk away because the spot would have been taken immediately.

The client eventually struck a deal with Xiaolin. The client later told her that he was touched to see her waiting for him in the parking spot and decided to buy a house from this realtor if he was ever buying a house in this premise. Xiaolin believes that details are essential to success, and that clients can feel it if we serve them by heart.

Complete trust is to share listings.

“She is very helpful, cooperative, having extensive business experience, defending owners better and providing better specialized knowledge. Clients are willing to trust and work with her. She will release the listings as soon as possible and share her experience with others,” Branch Manager Lu Yong, a former coworker of Xiaolin revealed.

Complete trust is the way we get along and the key to the powerful fighting capacity of the team. The advantageous projects of Vanke Service also provide strong support to Xiaolin.

“I am not a quitter. I believe that we have more solutions than difficulties.” Xiaolin revealed that she had had moments of confusion. Sometimes she didn’t have a lot of clients due to the sluggish market. She didn’t sell a house in two or three months. From her leaders, however, Xiaolin learned about steadiness and attentiveness. Their coordination often produce the best possible results. The atmosphere of team harmony and cooperation has always allowed them to maintain a good market share.

Realizing the dreams is to walk out of the comfort zone.

“Opportunities always knock at those who are prepared.” As an international trade major, Xiaolin has passed CET6 exam, giving her a unique strength among the salesmen. Her fluency in English has allowed her to excel in dealing with foreign renters. Not content with things as they are, Xiaolin has joined the Dream-true Program since 2016 to pursue a Bachelor’s degree. Aspiring for better improvement, she signed up for the Dream-true Program without hesitation. As the courses are offered on weekends which are the busiest time. Therefore, she mostly studies independently, and delves into the books whenever she has time.

Pursuit of excellence is to do better than the past, better than rivals and better than the market.

Xiaolin points out that her husband and their five-and-a-half daughter provide strong backing to her struggle. During busy hours of the day, she often thinks of giving a better life and living environment for her kid and striving to be a good role model.

Ending Remarks

Striving is a state irrelevant to position, experience or seniority. We encourage everyone to be a voluntary striver. Strivers who grow in the course of striving, gain in contribution and achieve in responsibility, and create true value will surely harvest long-term results in a comprehensive way!

Youbaner looks forward to discovering more striving realtors like Xiaolin.

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