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We Light up the Honors for You from Today on—Service the Strivers

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Service the Strivers

How can an enterprise of tens of thousands of employees keep the morale up? How can a company better evaluate and encourage the grassroots strivers to continuously enhance their working experience? With a well-developed system, top-down execution and highly-performing business system, we don’t have to worry about our front-line employees or study the most direct recognition from customers.

We believe that enterprises should service each striver more and strive to create them a successful working experience. Enterprises should be concerned more about the positive performance of strivers and not merely about the negative performance of employees; enterprises should study more direct comments from customers, and not merely judge the leaders; enterprises should encourage individuation, and not merely conduct performance assessment based on index completion.

To service the strivers, keep track of their honors and encourage them to work with more enthusiasm and a healthier mentality. strivers who have touched customers and received direct and voluntary commendations from customers should receive more attention and long-term encouragement from enterprises.

Vanke Service is now staffed with 50,000 grass-roots employees. Guaranteeing customer satisfaction, they received about 4,000 silk banners , over 300,000 likes on the online platform and over 10,000 hand-written letters of commendation from owners in 2017. Working overtime for owners without a complaint, a young butler in Xuzhou received 19 silk banners jointly presented by 651 owners in a period of 12 days. A security leader in Shanghai rushed to the house of the owner when he was having a stroke and immediately sent him to the hospital. Saving the life of the owner, the owner called him a member of his family. For the management, these stories are mostly buried in a certain figure of a report. However, each figure like this is obtained by the undying devotion of the grass-roots strivers. Beneath each figure are warm or touching stories. They are the most simple and lovely strivers who should come to light. The true value created by them should be on a long track of record in the form of honors.

As an attempt of service philosophy of strivers, the internal virtual team of Vanke Service named Energy Center has profoundly analyzed their commendable behaviors, broken down and processed the commendations from Vanke Service, and studied the positive energy of the grassroots posts. The Energy Center has decided to keep tends of thousands of coworkers winning customer satisfaction and direct commendation on record in the past year and permanently post on the official websites of Vanke.

In the principle of Long-term, Open and Official, this platform is established to encourage any real value creation from the grassroots and keep track of the honors of every ordinary striver. The honors of the strivers are not to be offset against negative records, or erased for transfer or departure. Like military medals, they grow with and empower the employees. Among our grassroots coworkers, quite a number of them are young people coming afar to work in strange cities. They may not have a great resume, but they do have the same zeal of strivers. They hope that Vanke’s recognition can spur them on and help them keep a foothold in the cities more confidently.

Today the Honor Platform for Grassroots strivers of Vanke Service was put into use. We would like to dedicate it to each noble striver as a New Year gift.

If you are one of our grassroots coworkers, you are encouraged to click Read Original Text at the end of this article, enter your name in the Energy Center and relive your honors. If you are one of our owners, you can also click into our official website and find whether servers you are familiar with are on the honor roll. Enter % after the name to display search results, as in Zhang Mingwei%.

In face with the digital revolution of the industry nowadays, we need to give genuinely encouragement to every grassroots employee, and strive to promote the overall realization of personal worth. We hope that this honor platform can serve the strivers and gather the positive energy bottom up. As the saying goes that a single spark can start a prairie fire, the moments of delight and gratification are expected to propel the joint efforts of Vanke in the new year.  

Vanke Service Residence Operation Center

February 8, 2018

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