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Understanding of the long comments Work hard and Further Entrepreneurship polished on People's Daily

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The "commencement greeting" of this year is somewhat different. On the 8th of the first month of the lunar year, long comments Work hard and Further Entrepreneurship was polished on the front page of People's Daily——Looking back to the glorious history of the Communist Party of China, the socialism in China has been making progress all the time. It is a groundbreaking history of entrepreneurship and struggle without breaking. It encourages the "Entrepreneurship" in China.

The article said that the greatest entrepreneurial team since modern China was started at a small building at Shanghai Shikumen. After 28 years of hard work and bloody struggle, the new China was finally established, and the entrepreneurial firm started the most solid step after struggling for 28 years.

However, no business can be sustained just by "maintaining". It must be developed by continuous entrepreneurship.

"Not to advance, you will drop back. We should inherit the career by keeping moving forward and innovation.""From land reform to socialist transformation, from the general line for the transition period to development of the road of socialist construction, unprecedented political system and economic system were established on this ancient land. Independent, relatively complete industrial system and national economic system were set up in China which had no foundation in the past". It is a further entrepreneurship; "to be in line with the trend of The Times, comply with the people's will, and dare to reform and open up……It is a further entrepreneurship to motivate millions of people to become better off through diligent work and release the boundless energy for innovation in China; at present, the team has shouldered the historic mission of leading the Chinese nation to the great rejuvenation, and "embarked on the glorious journey of a new era of entrepreneurship".

While looking back, Vanke Service emerged in the trend of further entrepreneurship "reform and opening-up" of China. In 1990, inspired by the concept of SONY after-sales service, Vanke Service started its entrepreneurial process. In spite of the favorable "background and foundation", Vanke Service, as a subsidiary corporation of Vanke, selected innovation time and time again, including being qualified by International quality system certification and the establishment of the first home owners committee……

In the second decade of the new century, Vanke Service advocated "further entrepreneurship" once more.  In 2014, Vanke Service started exploration of digital property management; in 2015, Vanke Service initiated overall marketization; in 2017, "simultaneous development of residences and commercial office" was officially incorporated in the strategy of Vanke Service; in 2017, it comprehensively promoted the reform of the business partnership mechanism based on labor-intensive enterprises……

We should be grateful for the exploration and struggle of Vanke Service generation after generation. According to the sayings "one sows and another reaps", without the ambition of "further entrepreneurship" and the determination of "escaping out of a comfortable zone", Vanke Service may be knocked out by times if it always stands on the same position.  As the story in the article "Work hard and Further Entrepreneurship": There is a section of flat road at the halfway of Mount Tai where some tourists would like to have a break. However, the stick men would not have a rest since they will feel weak in the legs after rest for long-time. It will be even more difficult to climb to the winding roads.

At present, the investment on Vanke Service informatization and Internet of Things have achieved initial success. But the technology is changing rapidly. If we can't keep the attitude of the entrepreneur, keep pace with the times and empower the workers, the new technology may become out of date and will be abandoned by The times; currently, although Vanke Service marketization has made some achievements, we can not have a rest. If the quality failed to reach Vanke Service standard within 3 years, it is highly likely to dilute Vanke's property brand, and will be abandoned by the owners; as a labor-intensive industry, if we can't focus on the grass-root efforts and release their vitality, we will be overwhelmed by the huge cost; at present, Vanke Service is developing rapidly, any body failed to qui

The interpretation of "further entrepreneurship" as specified in Work hard and Further Entrepreneurship is excerpted herein for mutual encouragement among Vanke Service staff:

Every word of "further entrepreneurship" is full of meaning. "Further" means to keep on going on and on. "entrepreneurship" means make significant or small achievements with encouragement and innovation thus to form the career of the Party and people, the country and nation. Reviewing the Code of conduct of Vanke Service "Customer always right; No achievement means negligence; Always to be the first; Integrity, courtesy and honesty", it complies with the general trend and deserves to be abided by.

"The questions have been listed by the times, and we are answering". Vanke Service emerged at the right time and experienced the prosperity. Vanke Service should respond to the advocating of the times as a fighter.  

Never forget out initial intentions to achieve the final target.

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