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To be or not to be.

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Dear colleagues, Vanke Service held its annual meeting in the last week. Facing the general manager and department managers, I analyzed the gains and losses in 2017. The word I mentioned most frequently is bankruptcy.

The overall revenue of Vanke Service broke through 8 billion. But for a company under rapid development, if it doesn't think about the risk of bankruptcy, it will be quite close to passive bankruptcy.

According to macro statistics, the number of working-age population in future will gradually reduce. In the long run, Vanke Service is quite possible to encounter with the difficulty to recruit appropriate safety officers. The increase of rental housing under single property rights will affect the property industry based on decentralized property rights. Relying on the great advantage of information technology and capital adequacy, internet enterprises will inevitably impose dimensionality reduction impacts on traditional property enterprises. Both for industry policies, labor supply and in throughout the information technology wave sweep, it may encounter the challenge of sudden bankruptcy at any time.

Reputation is the foundation for steady development of the enterprise. If we lost customers, the enterprise will lose the basis for survival.

In the rapid development of Vanke Service, the average number of quality accidents is decreasing. But the overall number is increasing year by year. If "Hain Rules" are employed to determine the risks inherent in these quality accidents, you can see clearly that in case of a single quality accident occurred in Vanke Service, it means that an event overturning Vanke Service may occur on some day within 3 years.

We should be more aware of the fact that in the next three years, Vanke Service may reform and develop, or get bankruptcy at any time. Therefore, we include "inspiring every employee, serving every customer, and avoiding major quality accidents" to the annual objectives of 2018.

For Vanke Service, employee turnover rate should not only be a figure. Every administrator should be able to determine whether the employ is affectionate with the company. We should respect every frontline employee, and pay attention to the growth of each employee. The managers must always work with frontline staff to struggle together. The "Three Goods" culture must be integrated into daily work. Release the value potential of employees through technological innovation. Help the employees to achieve self-growth and create value.

Satisfying every customer with property service on the public interface is an industrial paradox. But the creation of property manager provides us with the opportunity to serve every customer. Property manager should start from the perspective of the owner, supervise community property services in detail from a professional perspective and respond to various customer needs in a timely manner to serve every customer.

We should strictly implement various system arrangements to prevent risks, implement risk prevention to each link with a high degree of safety consciousness, and measure daily management and operation of Vanke Service according to the standard requirements stipulated by National Quality Award.

The development of Vanke Service is a path that no one has ever traveled in the past. We should work out the development mode by means of partnership struggling. In 2018, Vanke Service must always maintain a high sense of crisis awareness and mission, and welcome the challenge every day.

To be or not to be. Through asking this eternal question, we have the opportunity to become a different company and become a leading company in the industry.

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