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Embracing of the faith, we will proceed without hesitation.

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When a new year is coming, 2017 runs away in a rush. Signing the last market contract, acknowledge of the last collection and various reports are displayed in the WeChat group of the company. The battle will continue tomorrow. We are looking forward to make a victory brief. In 2017, Vanke Service has successfully broken through the threshold of unicorn enterprise and reached the stage of 8 billion.

Like two sides of a coin, the market always shows the brutal side. For external projects, generally the customer base is very weak. The owner's lack of understanding of the property, low recognition degree. The equipment and facilities may break down for repair failure; Farsighted Service is not understood or trusted by cooperative corporations. We will continue the investment and expect changes of owners' perceptions. Although customer satisfaction and property fee collection rate have increased substantially, this investment makes the company's underlying property service margin declined. Embracing of the faith, we will proceed without hesitation.

In order to work out a new mode, it is not difficult to imagine that it is full of thorns. For every employee of Vanke Service, it is undoubtedly a challenge. Some of them want to return to the familiar "comfort zone" and enjoy the days as a subordinating property management department. But more chose to believe, and work together to create a brilliant future. Embracing of the faith, we will proceed without hesitation.

Time flies and never stops. Our customers are more eager for spiritual satisfaction and emotional communication than ever before. "The contradiction between the people's ever-increasing demands for a better life and the unbalanced development is the main contradiction at this stage". Actively respond to the call of the times, we insist on providing high quality community living experience for the owners. For community assets appreciation and preservation, we will rebuild community life style together with owners. Embracing of the faith, we will proceed without hesitation.

Vanke Service has been developed to an organization composed of more than 70,000 employees. Every change will affect tens of thousands of grassroots employees and the families behind them. We always focus on people, respect people, and inspire people, and we believe that labor is not simply repetitive, but productive value creation. We firmly believe that only when the organization is steeped in struggling culture and take business partnerships as the link, individual's potential can be played and each individuals can be integrated to the organization thus to form accumulative organizational appeal. Embracing of the faith, we will proceed without hesitation.

2018 is a historic year as the 20th anniversary of reform of China's housing system. High-speed real estate fast ride leaves the society with nearly 20 billion square meters of real estate. Under the huge figure, a correct opening method for property management in the whole society is expected. In recent years, property industry controversy mainly focused on the rights and responsibilities of the owners and property management company. In the controversy, generally "property management" is ignored. Vanke Service has always been appealing for hierarchic management. Taking "property management" as the center, the rights and obligations of owner and property management company are standardized.  Embracing of the faith, we will proceed without hesitation.

It is a difficult road! It is a difficult road! Whether there are multiple crossroads existed. We should master the opportunities to make progresses and move forward.

Hello, 2018!

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