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Where are the little frogs? They are playing in the snow!

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Qingdao is visited by snow.

Over the last week, several municipalities and provinces, including Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui and Shandong, were visited by the first snow in 2018. The snow dressed cities with beautiful crystal coats, but also caused travel disruption. How to deal with the snow became a big challenge in front of Vanke Service. The experience of Vanke Service in dealing with snow in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou and Qingdao is shared below.

On snowy days, ensuring the normal operation of equipment is very important. Therefore, it’s necessary to check equipment and facilities, such as wires and pipes, before and during snow. In addition, dealing with snow on roads to ensure safe travel is also important.

Straw mats are placed on paths.

Snow covers are placed on cars, and windscreen wipers are erected.

Roads are covered by a layer of thick snow.

Don’t worry! The snow sweeper can fix it!

Good job, snow sweeper!

The snow blower joins in!

Since not each community is equipped with snow removal equipment, and the snow always came at night when noisy equipment would seriously affect the owners, a large snow cleaning commando team was established to fight against the snow.

Vanke Service Party Member Commando Team is ready!

Many hands make light work!

Some little owners join in the team.

(Cute little commandos!)

Snow cleaning doesn’t start from the moment when the snow stops.

It starts when the snow starts falling.

The snow is cleaned before dawn for the safe and convenient travel of the owners.

Rapid emergency response

Finally, here are some Easter eggs! Please appreciate the statues created by us and the residents.

A majestic-looking lion is guarding the community.

Where are the little frogs? They are playing in the snow!

Vanke Service, Always for You.

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