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Black Cat realizes 3-second access!

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At the Vanke Service Annual Meeting 2017 held in Shenzhen recently, “Black Cat Two” project team won the CEO's Special Award for successfully reducing the average time that a car needs to pass a gate from 20 seconds to 3 seconds.

“Black Cat Two” was born in Vanke.

“Black Cat Two” is an automatic license plate recognition system independently developed by Vanke Service. It allows drivers to pass quickly without stopping their cars, and means that the parking fee is charged by a third-party platform.

Generally speaking, the system realizes rapid access of cars through “remote authorization and license plate recognition”. Through Vanke’s "Live Here" APP, data related to manual gate opening, manual license plate modification, parking fee collection is collected and processed at the community, city and group levels. In addition, diverse operation reports are developed based on the data for convenient financial accounting.

“Black Cat Two” has five functions. The first one is automatic license plate identification + remote authorization. Thanks to the rapid license plate identification technology, drivers can pass a gate quickly within 3 seconds without stopping to swipe the card like before. The system saves the time of the drivers in the rush hour, improving customer experience. The second one is unregistered vehicle management. The system automatically verifies the identities of unregistered vehicles, which means there is no need to stop such vehicles and ask the visitors for information. The third one is classified vehicle management. The fourth one is diversified payment methods which avoid fraudulent practices that may happen in cash payment. The last one is authorized remote parking lot control. Since no worker is needed at parking lots, labor expenses are reduced.  

The excellent performance of “Black Cat Two” can be seen in the following two cases.

Case I

King Metropolis, Hefei

The long queue of cars finally disappears

Delivered in 2012, King Metropolis, Hefei comprises 2,754 properties and over 2,000 underground parking spaces. The community is accessible through three gates; however, due to their different geographical locations, most residents choose to use the front gate. Data show that in the past, an average of around 1,400 cars would leave through the front gate during the morning rush hour which always lasted for two hours. Since the drivers needed to swipe the card for leaving, the congestion was very severe every morning.

With the support of the owners, in May 2017, “Black Cat Two” started to work at King Metropolis, Hefei, greatly shortening the time to pass the gate. The long queue of cars finally disappeared.

Case II

King Metropolis, Beijing

Quick and comfortable access in bad weather

Located at Longyu Middle Road, Huilongguan Town, Changping District, Beijing, the project comprises 2,129 properties in total. Previously, community access was controlled by the Jieshun swipe card gate access control system. In that case, drivers needed to stop to swipe the card, even in bad weather. What’s worse, some novice drivers would stop too far away to swipe the card, or even hit the barrier. To solve these problems, Vanke Service specially installed an awning at the entrance, and drew a guiding line on the road, but the results were still not very satisfactory. There was a strong request to upgrade the parking lot among the owners.

After “Black Cat Two” was in use, drivers no longer need to stop and swipe the card in bad weather, and cars move much faster. In addition, temporary parking fee can be charged through various channels, like WeChat and Alipay. The system has also relieved the stress of the employees by solving problems such as parking violations, financial risks, and mismanagement.  

2017 witnessed the rapid expansion of “Black Cat Two” to Vanke’s communities. statistics show that in 2017 alone, Vanke Service upgraded 1,115 parking lots nationwide, bringing better customer experience to over 1 million owners.

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