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Better services for residential and commercial property owners

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The Christmas has been over, can the Spring Festival be far behind? On this ordinary day, Vanke Service wants to announce some good news. The First Vanke Service Commercial Property Festival Decoration Competition was concluded recently. Based on the 46,431 online votes out of nearly 100,000 views, and the offline evaluation results, King Metropolis, Hefei won the first prize, followed by Vanke Finance District, Foshan, and Vanke Diamond Plaza, Chengdu.

Since adopting the market-oriented strategy in 2015, Vanke Service has started to develop business in both residential and commercial properties. Up to the end of 2017, Vanke Service had expanded its business to 212 projects in 29 cities, with a total property management area exceeding 15,070,000 ㎡. In such a context, the First Vanke Service Commercial Property Festival Decoration Competition was held to improve customer experience, create a closer relationship with the owners, and provide better services to residential and commercial property owners.

Let me tell you a secret. Vanke Service Commercial Property Spring Festival Decoration Competition has been launched. Better customer experience is waiting for you.

Top five at the First Vanke Service Commercial Property Festival Decoration Competition

Vanke King Metropolis, Hefei

To celebrate Christmas and the upcoming Year of the Dog, Vanke Service decorated King Metropolis with diverse festival elements such as Christmas trees, stars, reindeers, robins, the dog’s foot prints, lights, and sound effects, creating a holiday atmosphere that can be seen, touched, and felt, while expressing the information of “It’s great to meet you here on Christmas Day.”

Vanke Finance District, Foshan

The property management team of Vanke Finance District, Foshan chose the robin, the cultural symbol of Vanke, and simple lines to create a creative holiday atmosphere reflecting the customers’ characteristics: fashion, perfection, and vigor.

Vanke Diamond Plaza, Chengdu

Themed on “Lighting up Christmas with Diamonds; Warming up Customers with Services”, the property management team of Vanke Diamond Plaza, Chengdu created a glittering lobby which, with a warm holiday atmosphere, attracted many people to get a memento of its beauty or take a photo. In the chilly winter of Chengdu, Vanke Service lighted up the city with the temperature of diamonds.

Vanke Fuchun Oriental Building (Shenzhen)

2017 marks the 10th anniversary of Fuchun Orient. To celebrate Christmas and also its 10th university, Fuchun Orient decorated Fuchun Oriental Building with a large number of lights which twinkled like stars in the sky. In the lobby, a huge steel-structure hot air balloon is built around a huge pillar, and in the basket are Santa Claus and reindeers. They are waiting for passengers to start a fantasy journey.

Tianzhu Vanke Center (Beijing)

Outside the building, several golden reindeers are standing on the lawn dotted with twinkling lights. In the lobby glowing blue, rotating balls are hanging above a pile of beautiful gift boxes covered with snow. On Christmas Day, the property management team invited some owners to light the “Star of Hope” on the Christmas tree, bringing the warmth of family to the customers in the cold winter.

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